Sex Fun With Bobbys Mom Rachael Sweete


Published: April 23rd 2013



Sex Fun With Bobbys Mom  by  Rachael Sweete

Sex Fun With Bobbys Mom by Rachael Sweete
April 23rd 2013 | ebook | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | | ISBN: | 3.24 Mb

Bobbys mom is really his step-mom, but that does not take away from the hot, sizzling sex the two find with each other.What starts out as a casual fantasy, soon turns into rompous sex fun for both Bobby, his step-mom, and some of Bobbys best friends who want to join in on the fun of this horny step-mother who loves sex with young guys.Not to be missed. Download today and enjoy the sex fun they had together.===========================For adults only: This short story (over 5,600 words) is full of hot, hardcore sex between a stepmother and her stepson.All characters are represented as 18 or older.===========================An excerpt from the story:“You know Bobby, if you and your friends wanted to party with me, you only had to ask.” I walked into his room and smiled.

I was wearing a see-through gown which had slightly slipped off my shoulder. Some of the boys in the room Id met before and they greeted me politely but with very red little cheeks. Bobby had brought them up to spy on me. Suddenly I was very excited.Bobby was at a loss for words but soon found his tongue. “Mum, were sorry, we just came up to smoke a joint, were sorry for bothering you.” he tried to wriggle out of his bad behaviour.“Well, thats OK, Ive just had one myself, go ahead, I dont mind, besides, youre all over 18, all above the age of consent.” I noticed that one of the boys sitting on the edge of the bed had a rather nice bulge in his pants.

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